Can I generate free tickets for my Billetto event?

Yes, Billetto has a function called "Generate tickets." Also the option to Import Tickets through a spreadsheet (Read more about this option at the bottom of the page).

Please note: This option is available for Advanced and Custom Tier pricing


The generate tickets option

allows you to send free event tickets to sponsors, members, and so. These will look like regular tickets, but the price will be stated as "0 GBP" when customers receive them.


You find this function under by going to My events -> Manage -> Attendees -> Manage Tickets -> Generate Tickets (at the top of the ticket list).


You then pick the ticket(s) you want to send to your customer and type in their name, email, The customer will then receive the ticket(s) in their email inbox.

You  can send 20 tickets in an email at a time using this function. Remember that you're generating a free ticket, so even though you pick one of your paid tickets to generate, the customer will not be charged.

Regarding Upload Tickets


This option must be enabled by Billetto so if you require the facilities to upload a list then please reach out to our support team.
This option is found in Manage Events -> Attendees -> Manage Tickets -> Upload Tickets On this page you can upload your CSV file with a list of external tickets you want to import.
Your CSV file should have the following columns: ID, barcode, e-mail, first & last name (or full name). Please make sure that the filetype is encoded as UTF-8 or some none English characters will not be recognised and prevent the upload of the tickets. If your event also has a seating layout for your venue you will be required to have a column for "seat label" (or section name, row number & seat number).
No confirmation e-mail will be sent to users registered during the import. All tickets will be generated as free tickets, but you can choose which product type should be used (printed on PDF tickets)