[Advanced] What options do I have for campaigns?

Note: this feature is not available on Free or Basic Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to Advanced plan to use this feature.



Depending on what kind of campaign you want to create you have different options:

  • You can choose "Time" as a condition if you wish to create early bird tickets.
  • You can choose to upload a "Target group", e.g. if you have a group of memberships that you wish to give a special offer. 
  • "Total tickets quantity in basket" allows you to give a discount, if a ticket buyer purchases a certain amount of tickets.
  • You can choose which "Sales channel" your offer should be valid on; e.g. if you want to give a discount to all online transactions.
  • Furthermore you can "Generate unique code", which when activated on the event gives a fixed percentage discount.

 Note: The campaign feature is currently only available for Advanced customers.Update your Tier to learn more!