[Advanced] How do I create a campaign on event level?

Note: this feature is not available on Free or Basic Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to Advanced plan to use this feature.



Campaigns created on event level will only impact the chosen event. This means that the campaign cannot be used across events. Once a campaign is active, you can no longer edit this. If you need to make a change, you will have to stop the active campaign and create a new one.

To create a campaign on event level, log in to your Billetto organiser profile and

  1. Go to My Events
  2. Click Manage next to your event
  3. Choose Promotions & Offers then Campaigns in the left sidebar
  4. Enter the name of your campaign and click Create
  5. Add a condition by clicking the + next to the section Campaign conditions. You can choose a condition, depending on what you want the campaign to do. Read more about the options you have here.
  6. Add an effect by clicking the + next to the section Campaign effects. Set percentage discount to decide, what discount you want to offer your ticket buyers.
  7. Save both condition and effect by clicking on the small checkmark on the right hand side.
  8. Click Start at the top of the page, when your campaign is ready. You are now ready to activate your campaign on event level. 



You find the following types of campaigns in your overview:

  • Running: Active campaigns, which cannot be edited.
  • Drafts: Campaigns in draft mode are not yet active and you can therefore edit as you wish. If you wish to change the name of a drafted campaign, simply type in the new name and click Change (see screenshot below).
  • Completed: Here you find an overview of all your completed campaigns. You can delete these if you don’t want to have them shown anymore. Completed campaigns cannot be started again.
  • Inherited: Campaigns created on account level. You can start and stop these campaigns on event level as you wish, but the campaigns cannot be edited.


 Note: The campaign feature is currently only available for Advanced customers.Update your Tier to learn more!