Can I have a custom short link for my event?

When you create an event on Billetto you generate a new event ID. This is a unique number that helps Billetto identify your event & everything connected to it. This is also a number that is included in the URL (the link) of your event and makes it easier to find and manage your event (and all recurring events). 

Your event URL might look something like this:

but also this might work:

There are a few reasons behind this URL structure:

1. If you decide to change the name of the event or edit it, you don't have to change the links to it everywhere else.

2. This way you can avoid for the link to be taken by an organiser with a similar event name.

3. It works better with Google

If you would like to create a custom URL with your event name in it, feel free to contact and we can give you a short link (ie