How do I sell tickets at the door?

Note: this feature is not available on Free Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to basic or Advanced plans to use this feature.


You can sell tickets through our door selling solution, this is available for both iOS and Android devices as well as computers. However, we recommend that you use our Billetto app. This can be downloaded for iOS devices in App Store (We have a separate optimised iPad app) and for Android in Google Play Store.

Sell ​​tickets through the Billetto app

iOS/Android devices

1. You must first get your organiser key

2. Then click on the Billetto app

3. Click on the button enter the event key

4. You enter your organizer key in the top box

5. You then enter your terminal name (the door / entry in which the seller is from)

6. You now click on login

7. It now changes to employee mode

8. You can now see all events

9. You can either click on the event you are selling for and choose door sales or you can at the top of the page choose door sales

10. Then you choose the desired event you want to sell tickets if you have said door sales at the top of the page

11. You can now start selling tickets


Sell ​​tickets via computer

1. You log in to your Billetto profile from a computer

2. Visit -

7. Enter Organiser Key  and a terminal name (The terminal name is just for your logging, it can be anything)

8. Click Login

9. Then you find the event you want to sell tickets for

10. Click on the box to the right

11. You can now start selling tickets

To sell tickets through computer simply go to My eventsManage on your event then on the left hand side selecting, Onsite then click on Billetto App. Scroll down and you will find the below options. Choose 'Open in browser' to sell tickets via a computer.