How do I log into the Billetto app?

How do I log in to the Billetto app?

To log in to the Billettos app, you must have downloaded this first. You can do this in Appstore if you have an IOS device or in the Google play store if you have an Android device. We have a specific iPad version purely for Organisers


Logging in:

  1. You can log in via your Facebook Account
  2. You can log in via e-Mail and Password
  3. You can log in via Organiser Key (Note that this is purely for Scanning/Ticket Sales and not management)
  4. If you're new to Billetto we recommend signing up on our Website.

Logged in with Facebook or Email:

You are now logged in as a ticket buyer. To switch to organiser mode:

1. At the bottom right of the corner you will see a circular portrait. This will bring up your account menu

2. Select "Switch to Organiser"

4. You will now have access to your events.


Logged in with Organiser Key

1. You click on the app

2. Click Enter Organiser Key (find your organiser key here)

3. In the top bar enter your organiser key in the top bar with the key icons

4. In the bottom bar enter a unique name for the device (We recommend something that easily differentiates the devices you are using)

5. Click login and you will now have access to your events in limited capacity (Selling and Scanning)


Note: We recommend for best practise to only use email/facebook login for Creation and Management of the event and Organiser Key for Scanning and Sales. Please note that our system can accept multi device login through Organiser Key but not email/facebook.