What is a cash report?

Note: this feature is not available on Free Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to basic or Advanced plans to use this feature.


Our cash reports can be used, to track all transactions by payment method. If you wish to use this, you must start your cash report before selling tickets, as it only registers transactions made when activated on the same device. Cash reports are only available through our Event Manager app.


Before sales

  • Open Billetto Event Manager app on iPad
  • Click on 'Enter organiser key'
  • Write organiser key and terminal name
  • Click 'Login'
  • Go to MenuCash report
  • Create new cash report (click + in top right corner → enter name/start amount and click 'Save')
  • Confirm that you want to open cash report


During sales

  • Choose event
  • Click on 'Sell tickets'
  • Enter which tickets the customer wants to buy
  • Choose payment method
  • Confirm payment method
  • Choose 'Enter now' or 'Enter later'
    • By choosing 'Enter now', ticket will be marked as scanned
    • By choosing 'Enter later' customer will need to get the ticket scanned when entering the venue


After sales

  • Go back to Cash reports
  • Go to today’s cash report
  • Enter Reported balance (all cash sales)
  • Enter Bank deposit
  • Click 'Save'
  • Confirm that you want to close cash report
    • Cash report will be printed if using a thermo printer
  • Cash report can be sent to email, if a thermo printer is not available
    • Set up email on iPad
    • Click on today’s cash report
    • Select Send email
    • Enter email → click 'Send'