Campaigns and Seated Events

Note: this feature is not available on the Free or Basic Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to Advanced plan to use this feature

Our campaign system is also intergrated with our numbered seating platform. There are two main ways of activating campaigns with seats:

1. With a seating category

2. With Individual Seats (using Target Groups)


Seating Categories

  • Go to My Events
  • Click on Manage of the Event
  • On the left-hand side click "Promotions & Offers" then "Campaigns"
  • Click Create campaign → type in the name of campaign → click Next
  • Campaigns condition: Generate unique code
  • Enter code
  • Click Next
  • Campaign effect: Unlock seat categories
  • Choose seat category
  • You then have the optional settings to choose Max Tickets per Order and the Total Orders
  • Click Next
  • Start campaign



Individual Seats (Target Groups)

  • Create a .csv file (semi-colon separated) in your spreadsheet software of choice (Excel/Google Sheet) with code and seat number (must be exactly the same labels/names as in seating chart)


  • Click your Profile Picture in the Top Right
  • On the left hand side, click VenueTarget Groups
  • Click Add Static Group
  • Choose a unique name for the Target Group and upload CSV file
  • Mark Ignore headers row and choose the correct headers columns as seen in the screenshot below


  • Click Save and check your email for a confirmation email, if all is done correctly you will receive a success
  • Go to My EventManage of the event you want
  • On the left hand side choose, Venue ->Reservations
  • Select the Target Group you have uploaded, Choose whether or not you wish the tickets to be free and/or there is a Redeem Offer Link, Click Add
  • Check your email for a confirmation email
  • On the same event, visit Promotions & Offers -> Campaigns
  • Create a new Campaign
  • Make sure the Campaigns condition is Target group
  • And the "Select by" is Access code
  • Next choose the Effect:


Option 1

  • Campaign effect: Unlock seat category for a target group member
  • NB: NOT available on account level campaigns


Option 2

  • Campaigns effect: Unlock seat for a target group member
  • Select if seat should be free (this will overwrite any price set on the ticket type)
  • Select if unlocked seats should automatically be added to the basket
  • NB: NOT available on account level

You're able to choose with the discounts effects if the ticket should be free or not.

Once decided, Start the campaign and check the codes are working on the event!

Please feel free to contact regarding any target group inqueries!

 Note: The campaign feature is currently only available for Advanced customers. Update your Tier to learn more!