Can my tickets require individual ticket buyer name?

Note: this feature is not available on Free or Basic Billetto price plans. Please upgrade to Advanced to use this feature.


Yes, it is possible to have individual ticket holder name on your tickets.


By default, the name of the person that makes the purchase will go on every ticket. However, as an enterprise organiser, you can choose to request an individual name per ticket.


This is especially used within the sports segment eg. at races, where it is important, that the name of the participant is written on the ticket. However, this can be used for all type of events.


A scenario could be at a marathon, where a running club purchases 20 tickets. Having the same name on tickets complicates things when the running club is delegating tickets. In this case, the ticket buyer will have to add the name of each participant. When the tickets are sent to the provided email each ticket will be delegated to one of the names given.



To activate this on your event you click on My events → Manage →  Customisations & Design → Booking Questions.

At the bottom of the page is Event Settings, Enable the option to require holder name for each ticket in order.




Ticket buyer experience

  • Visit event page
  • Click on Get tickets
  • Select tickets → Next
  • Confirm name and e-mail
  • Fill in Holder Name per ticket
  • Choose payment method and complete purchase


Note: This feature is currently only available for Enterprise customers. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us.