Can I print tickets with a Zebra Thermal Bar Code printer?

If you are using the Zebra ZM600 Thermal Bar Code Printer, you can connect this to your Billetto event.

  • Go to CalendarManageSettings
  • Mark Enable Zebra ZM600 Ticket PDFs as blue
  • Click Save


  • Go to Event ManagerTill settings
  • Tick off the box saying Enable the option to print e-tickets in A4 format


  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page


When selling tickets through Billettos Web Event Manager, you now have the option to print tickets as either PDF’s or via a Zebra printer. To do so follow these few steps:

Go to CalendarManageEvent Manager. Click on Web Open in browser.


  • Insert your organiser key and terminal name → click Login
  • Find your event and click Till
  • Choose tickets and payment method
  • Confirm email and name
  • Choose, if tickets should be printed on your normal A4 size paper or via your Zebra ZM600 printer


When enabling this feature, all orders will automatically get a Download Zebra PDF button under Orders.


Note: This feature is currently only available for Enterprise customers. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us.