Why am I being charged a ticketing fee?


As the ticketing platform the organiser has picked for their event(s), we charge this fee in order run our platform, pay our external fees, and to offer support and be available to both ticket buyers and the organiser, when necessary.


Whether it's the ticket buyer or the organiser who pays the ticketing fee is up to the organiser. As is typical with most ticketing platforms, ticket buyers are the ones paying the fee. In some cases, the organiser may choose to absorb this fee instead.


Furthermore, the fee goes toward keeping the platform running and future improvements to the Billetto platform, so we can provide the best possible service to our customers - organisers and ticket buyers alike.


Note: The ticketing fee is not refunded in case of cancelled events, refunds, or other similar circumstances. This is because once an event and transactions are created this costs Billetto both resources and money so we would be running at a loss for when events are cancelled due to external none Billetto Factors. You should check with the organiser whether they're willing to cover the ticketing fee in such cases.