Can I view my Guestlist and download it?

Note: that due to new GDPR regulations if you wish to use guest email addresses for none vital reasons you must first gain consent from the individual. For more information see this article: GDPR Compliance

First visit your Manage Events page:

  • Go to My Events
  • Find your event you want and click Manage (if the event is in the past, you can filter "Completed events" by clicking the filter option on the top right where it says "Future Events"

Then you have a couple of options:

  1. You can view the list of individuals on the website here: Manage -> Attendees -> Manage Tickets
  2. Or Send and download a guestlist to your email through the Manage > Guestlist & Reports
  3. View the report on our Mobile App (Download the Billetto App, log in, swap to Organiser mode and visit the specific event you wish to view)


When logged into your Billetto account, you can download your guest list at any time by clicking on My events at the top left of the page and then clicking on the Manage option next to the relevant event. On the left hand side click on "Guest list & reports".


You can pick the guest list file you'd like to receive, enter your email address and click the "Request" button.  Below is a list of details on each guestlist type.


The guest list is available in following formats:


Full Information Guest List (XLS Format)

Also known as Business Intelligence report. This File contains most information needed. XLS format requires spreadsheet software to view and edit. This sheet will include your Booking Questions which you may wish to review

Simple GuestList (PDF)

This file features a list of guests grouped by ticket type and includes only your guests' names, order IDs and barcode numbers for tickets. This guest list is useful for manually ticking off names as your guests arrive.

Email list

This simple .txt file includes only the email addresses of your guests, separated by commas. This guest list useful for mailing lists or for sending updates about your events to your guests.

CSV file

This file includes the most information about your guests and their tickets. Orders are listed chronologically and information about access codes and custom field data is included. This CSV file will require spreadsheet software to view and edit.