Do my guests need to register with Billetto to buy tickets for my event?

Yes, when your guests use Billetto for the first time, we will ask them to create a Billetto profile. This is to make it easier for them to keep track of their tickets.

Entrants need only state their full name and email, and the ticket will be sent to them when they sign up for your event.


You may, however, as the event organiser, choose to add additional information fields that your ticket buyers will need/can choose to fill out as they make their purchase, such as 'Age' or 'Membership'. You can add additional fields by clicking on 'Booking questions', which is on the left under the subheading Settings, and can be found by first clicking on 'My events' and then 'Manage' and then 'Marketing'. Be aware that you will need to create your event page first before adding these additional fields.