Account Settings and Public Profiles

You can register your Billetto account using:

  • A Facebook Account
  • Google account
  • Email address

We recommend you set up a Public Profile for the organisation you are selling for. Your Billetto profile is a good way to share all your events. Ticket buyers can see a description of your organisation, search through event dates, follow your profile, and receive updates about your events

To make changes to both your account and profile:

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the top right
  • Click "My Account"

Personal Settings

 This information is not publicly available and only visible to you and Billetto

  • The Email Address used for Login
  • Username
  • Optional Phone Number

Public Profile

This information will be accessible to Ticket Buyers through your Public Profile and order confirmation

  • Contactable email address for ticket buyers.
  • The name of your organisation
  • A description for your public profile
  • The option to enable or disable a public profile
  • A profile picture (This will be found on your Event Page and Organiser Profile, cropped into a circle)
  • A cover image (We recommend a high resolution image with few words, 1920 x 630 is preferred)
  • Links to your Social Media and Website


To view your Public profile:

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the top right
  • Click "View Public Profile"

You can then copy the link on this page and use it to advertise your events!



This page allows you to update your existing password, You will need to enter the current password once and your new password twice. If you have created your account with Google/Facebook sign in to create a password you must use our reset password link found here

Connected Accounts

On Billetto you are able to log in via Facebook or Google sign in. This secure method of authentication is an alternative to email and password. On this page you can either connect or disconnect these options.

Delete your Account

For more information see here 

In order to receive a bank transfer of your ticket sales revenue (This is paid out 3-5 working days after the completion of the event), you will also need to enter your bank details. See more here