How can I collect extra guest information? (Booking Questions)

Note: this feature is not available on Free or Basic Billetto price plans. Please upgrade to Advanced to use this feature.


If you need to get any extra information about your guests, have a registration form then you can create an additional field for your guest to fill out before they check-out. This section also allows you to choose if you wish to collect customers addresses and/or names per ticket.


  • Navigate to My events at the top-right panel.
  • Find the event you wish and click Manage
  • On the left hand side, select Customisation & Design > Booking questions
  • Click Add new question in blue
  • Choose the name/question you want to ask the ticket buyer.
  • Add an Optional description
  • Select whether or not this is required by the ticket buyer
  • Choose if the answer should be a text field, or dropdown option
  • Decide if you wish to have the question asked during the purchase or after (The ticket buyer will receive an email)
  • Finally if you would like to ask the question per ticket ordered or once per order
  • Submit and Your question will be live!

Now that you're done, your guests will be able to enter this information on the check-out before they pay for the ticket. 

 Once created you can find the answers in your guest list report, found in Dashboard -> Guestlist & Reports, both the CSV and full information guest list (orders tab) will show the Booking questions answers



P.S This option can be used as a gift aid opt in for charitable organisations