Access Codes - password or discount code for your tickets

Note: this feature is not available on Free Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to Advanced оr Basic plans to use this feature. The Advanced plan offers a more robust feature set called Campaigns instead of Access Codes


If you’re looking to create tickets with a special offer, at a discounted price, or simply hide tickets from the general public using a password, then adding access codes to your tickets is the solution.


When you add an access code to a ticket, the ticket will not visible to everyone who visits your site, but to your potential guests in possession of this code it will be revealed once they have clicked ‘Get Tickets’ and then entered the code into the ‘If you have a code, enter it here’ box.


Part 1 - Hiding the Ticket Type (Event Creator/Editor)

  • Go to the event creator/editor of the event you wish to add a code to (My Events -> Edit or Create Event)
  • Scroll down to the Ticket Type section and either create a new ticket type or find the ticket type you want to update
  • Click the Advanced settings Cog Icon
  • Select "Hide ticket type unless an Access Code is entered."

 Part 2 - Assigning a Code to the Ticket Type (Manage Event)

  • Go to the Manage section of your event (My Events -> Manage)
  • On the left hand side, Select Promotions & Offers then Access Codes from the list on the left.
  • Click the Generate access code button.
  • Select the ticket type which you would like this particular access code to apply, and define your code:
  • Add a limit if required (optional)
  • Click Generate



*Note: Setting how many tickets can be bought limits the number of tickets for which this particular code can be used in total, not how many times the code can be used. If you would like to have better limitations we recommend you using our Campaigns solution.


TLDR: Check the box in the Ticket Advanced Settings, go to Manage -> Promotions & Offers -> Access Codes and create a new access code attached to the ticket type.


Giving your Ticket Buyer's a direct link to an access code

If you have an event with access codes and you want to send your ticket buyers a direct link rather than just the code, you can do so within your event's URL.

This will allow your ticket buyers to skip the "Redeem code" bit and go straight to purchasing tickets with the access code applied. 

This will look something like this: