[VIDEO] How do I scan the tickets for my event?

You can scan the tickets for your event using the Billetto app on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device. Additionally on our Web App - https://billetto.co.uk/event_manager

If you would like to have multiple individuals scanning for your event you can do this by creating an Organiser key and logging in with this key instead of user name. Devices must be connected to the internet to sync between devices.

Watch a quick video to see how it works:



Scan the tickets using single phone.

  1. Open the Billetto mobile app & login using your Billetto credentials
  2. Switch to the organiser by tapping on the "smiley face" on the bottom-right on iOS or the menu option on the top-left on Android.
  3. Pick the event you wish to scan the tickets for & tap "Scan tickets" under the event name
  4. You will be prompted to add a terminal name. The "terminal name" will help you identify which device the tickets have been scanned on. Name the terminal and you're ready to scan tickets or check guests in using an interactive guest list. You can also see the number of tickets scanned in real time.


If you want to add another phone to scan the tickets with, you can add an "employee" scanner on another device.

  1. Just open the Billetto app on the phone you'd like to use and sign in using your Billetto credentials.
  2. Tap the "smiley face" icon on iOS or Menu on the Android and select the "Enter organiser key" option. You can find the organiser key in "Event Manager" section under your Billetto profile on the Web app.
  3. Pick the name for the terminal (you can use the name of the person scanning for ease of use). And you're ready to scan the tickets. 


The Billetto app can help you manage your event better: find out how many tickets have been scanned, avoid queues by scanning tickets or checking guests in via interactive guest list and determine if any additional help is needed at the doors on busy nights. 

Download the app for iOS or Android