How do I delete an existing event?

You can not delete an event, but you can choose to cancel the event by pressing My events.


Then click on the Cancel.


You will then have the option to write a message to all of those who have booked tickets to your event. Once you confirm the cancellation an email will be automatically sent to all of your customers informing them of the cancellation. The ticket price will be automatically refunded.


Please note:

  • Only published events can be cancelled.
  • Once cancelled all orders will be automatically refunded minus the booking fee.
  • Once you've cancelled your event, you can't make any changes, so make sure you i.e make it non-public, if you want the event removed from search engines such as Google.
  • When you cancel an event, the guest list will automatically disappear, so it might be a good idea to download a copy before you do so, in case you are contacted by a ticket buyer who has any questions.