When will I receive the payout of the ticket revenue from my event?

The payment of revenue from your ticket sales will be processed within 3-5 working days after the completion of your event. This will include a receipt / invoice with a full breakdown of your revenue and fees.

  • The event completion date itself is not included in this processing period. 
  • Bank holidays and weekends are not classed as working days. 

Once Billetto has completed the processing of your payment, your bank will need to accept the incoming transfer of revenue. The time your bank takes to process your payment is entirely at your bank's discretion and in some instances can take up to an additional 5 working days. 

Remember to enter your account information under 'Bank Details'  to avoid delays in receiving the transfer.

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the Top right
  • Click "My Account"
  • On the left side click on Payments
  • Then click on Bank Details

If your event has not been paid out yet, and it's been longer than 3-5 working days after the completion of the event. We recommend you check that your bank details are setup correctly. Our Finance team will send an email if there any issues but feel free to message support@billetto.com