How do I collect donations for my event?

Note: this option is not available for a Free Billetto plan. Please update to Basic or Advanced plans in order to create these ticket types. 



If you're organising a charity event, you might want to collect donations from your ticket buyers. You have two options to do this. 


1. Select "Donation" as a ticket type and allow your guests to choose how much they want to donate.


Note: This ticket type does not allow quantity selection, and therefore it is advisable to offer free or paid tickets alongside, so customers can choose an amount of tickets appropriate for the number of attendees and then add a donation on top of this order.


2. Set a donation amount by picking the "Paid Ticket" ticket type and changing the description to "Donation" or any other description you like. 

Note: that the Billetto ticket fee applies to both these ticket types.You can choose if the ticket fee is added to the ticket price or included in it, by clicking on the Advanced Settings cogwheel symbol on the right of your ticket type. 


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