Can I duplicate my event to make another similar event?

Note: it's not possible to copy an event created on a higher price plan if you have downgraded your account. (Example: event is created on Advanced plan, you have downgraded to a Basic/Free plan & it's not possible to copy this event).

You can duplicate events with our "Clone" feature. To do so:


Click on My Events in the top bar.

Find the event you wish to clone, if it's an event in the past use the event filters in the top right.

When you have found the event you are interested in duplicating and click on the "Clone" button.



 Please note: It is not possible to clone Recurring events at this time and you are unable to clone a higher tier event if you have are now on a different plan.


You will then be taken to a separate page asking you if you wish to copy over any of the old settings from the original event

This includes: Booking Questions, Custom Email Text, Ticket Banners, Headliners, Event Capacity.

After this you will be taken to the 'Create/Edit Event' screen, however all of the information from your original event will be pre-filled in all of the information fields. Simply edit these details as required, paying particular attention to the event start/end dates, and the tickets start/end date under 'Advanced settings' and hit 'Publish'.