Why isn't my event URL working?

There are plenty of reasons as to why your link might not be working:

  • The event is saved as a draft and has not yet been published
  • The link is for a completed event that is no longer accessible on Billetto
  • The original event URL has been amended
  • The event has been cancelled

If you're looking for your own event, you should be able to find it by logging into your Billetto account and finding your event in "Calendar" at the top-left panel. You will then see a list of your events. If you cannot see any events in this list, you can change the search filter from 'upcoming events' to one of the other available filters by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting a different view.


'A non-working link

will not work until it's fixed.

This is absolute.'

(Pither, 2016)