Who is actually organising the event?

The short:

That would be the event organiser. Billetto is just a platform for organisers to sell, manage and promote on.


The long:

Billetto is designed as a self-service platform to be used by event organisers to sell tickets and manage their events online, Billetto is therefore not the actual event organiser. The name of the event organiser is displayed beneath the main banner picture on their event page, just above the 'Contact organiser' link.

Event organisers decide how many tickets to sell and how much to sell them for. Event organisers control everything from details of the event, such as dates and locations, to the event's execution and management. Event organisers also determine a refund and exchange policy in accordance with UK Consumer Rights.

All event organisers who sell tickets through Billetto agree to comply with our Terms https://billetto.co.uk/en/pages/terms, and we do continuously monitor the Billetto website to prevent misuse of our platform and to protect ticket buyers from fraudulent activity. However, we cannot hope to maintain complete omniscience, and so if you do notice any 'unusual' use of the Billetto platform, our support team is always ready to help/investigate. Please get in touch by clicking here.