Can I embed my Billetto events on my website?

Note: this feature is not available on Free or Basic Billetto price plans. Please upgrade to Advanced to use this feature.


Yes, you can indeed.

Billetto automatically generates a widget for each of your events that you can embed into your own event website. To locate the widget:


  1. Click on My events in the top left corner of the screen
  2. Click on Manage next to your event 
  3. On the left hand side select Marketing then Share event option from the list on the left


Beneath the subheading 'Embed on your website' is an option 'Ticket Widget' - click on this and you will see a preview of how the widget will look once it is embedded on your website, and the pre-generated code of your widget. Copy and insert this code as required.

When your customers click on the widget embedded in your website, they will be redirected to the ticket selection page on the Billetto website, and the purchase will then be completed using the secure Billetto transaction screen. 


Display multiple events on your page/site

If you're running several events and want to display all of them on your site/blog, you can use your "Profile" widget to share all of the events you're organising. You will find the embed code by going to My Account in the top right then clicking on Marketing (on the left hand side) and then the "Share Profile" button (you can access your Billetto profile by clicking on your account name in the top right of the screen). Follow the steps above to embed this widget on your site/blog. 


Note: the events you have favourited will also appear on this widget. This is handy if other people are organising events on your behalf (at your venue, as part of a festival) and you would like to showcase the events associated with your profile.