How to scan tickets using a USB scanner

Guide to Scanning Tickets

This guide will take you through how to scan tickets to your event on the door using a USB scanner connected to a computer/mac. This is one of the most efficient ways of managing who comes into your event and can be a real time-saver, as well as providing some useful statistics once the event has been completed.

  1.  Finding your Organiser Key

*If you already have an Organiser Key, or you are scanning tickets on behalf of someone else, click here to be taken directly to the Event manager login screen. Enter the Organiser Key and define your Terminal/Entry point (as described below), then proceed directly to instructions: 


Event Manager

First things first, you’ll need to log into your Billetto profile. Click on My events in the top left corner of the screen, find the event and click on manage. On the left hand side click on Onsite then Billetto App

*If you do not already have an Organiser Key, then you will need to click ‘Generate Organiser Key’ before progressing. 

Click on the link: - you will then be taken to logging into the Billetto Event Manager, from where you will be able to scan tickets to your event. You will be asked to log in:

If your Organiser Key does not automatically populate, enter it here (if you are scanning tickets for someone else’s event, then enter their Organiser Key). You should also choose a name for the Terminal/Entry point - this will be useful later in tracking how many guests were let in at which gate/by who.

Hit Login and you will be taken to the Event Manager screen.


  1. Event Manager

The Event Manager screen will show you all of your upcoming events (or the organiser’s for whom you will be scanning tickets):

Not surprisingly, if you wish to begin scanning tickets for one of these events, clicking on the Scanner option on the right would be a good place to start.


  1. Scanning Tickets

It goes without saying that by this point you will need to have connected your handheld USB scanning device, and depending on your computer/mac configuration, and the hardware itself you may need to download and install appropriate drivers (follow the relevant instructions you should have received along with your USB scanner).


You will now be able to see an interface which looks like this:

Ensure that when scanning, the cursor is blinking within the Scanner data field. When scanned, the ticket barcode will be automatically transmitted to this data field and you will receive one of the following notifications:

  1. Ticket Scanned Successfully: 
  2. Ticket Already Scanned: (this includes the information about where it was already scanned and at what time) 
  3. Ticket not found: (this means that this ticket is not a valid ticket for this event. It could be that the ticket is for a different event; one that you have hosted before, perhaps) 

By monitoring these responses you can very easily keep track of who to let into your event.


  1. Tickets not scanning

There are a few reasons that a barcode may not be read properly by the USB scanner. Perhaps the quality of printing is poor, blurred/smudged ink, or if scanning directly from a phone, cracks in the screen will almost definitely interfere.

If an obstinate ticket simply refuses to be scanned, then you can manually enter the barcode in the Scanner data field. Once you have done so click ‘Scan’ and this ticket will be scanned, just as if you had used the scanner. Alternatively, you can search for the ticket using your customer’s name, email address or order number:

Beneath the ‘Tickets’ heading, enter your search, and you will see a list of tickets matching (at least partially) your search. To then scan these tickets, you should set a tick in the appropriate tick-box(es) on the right, and click Scan.