[3/3] Assigning Seating Categories to Ticket Types

[Step 3/3]

The "Categories " setting is used to divide the seats into different price ranges or types of tickets. All seats must be assigned one category.

When drawing a seating chart, you will need to connect your ticket types to the different seats. If you skip this step, all your ticket types will automatically be made available for all seats.


Creating/Editing Categories


To create a new category:

  • Click the grey [+] Create new category
  • Enter the name of the category (IE: General Admission/VIP)
  • Choose the colour by clicking the Circle.
  • Confirm by selecting the Tick on the right

To edit an existing category:

  • On the right side of a category, click the Ellipsis (...)
  • Rename or choose colours by selecting the Circle or Text
  • Confirm by selecting the Tick on the right



Assigning Categories


Each seat needs to be assigned to a category. Swipe over the seats you wish to select. On the right-hand side, either create a new category or select one you've made earlier.

In the example below, we're setting up a Free Category, a Normal Category, and a VIP Category.



Setting up Ticket Types


When creating your event, make sure to set up ticket types for each of the different sections and price brackets of your seated venue. Complete the event creation process and publish your event.


Below, we have a VIP ticket for £2.00, a Normal ticket for £1.00, and a Free ticket.


Connecting Categories to Ticket Types


After your event is published, you will need to visit the Venue -> Categories page in the "Manage" section of your event. Once you are on this page, you will see the Categories you've created. You will need to connect them to the ticket types.

In our example, we're adding the "Free" ticket type to the "Free" Category, and so on.

If you wish to lock a certain area of seats from sale to the public (IE reserving for Staff,VIP, Partners) you can do this by putting the Category in the "Locked" Category.

Once you've done this, press "Submit categories" and the event should be ready to launch.

Make sure to test the event before releasing it to the public!