[2/3] Setting up Labels for Sections, Rows and Seats

[Step 2/3]

After creating the seats with the "Row Tool" on the left-hand side, you will need to assign the Seats, Rows and Sections Labels. You are able to edit these in bulk, depending on which seats you have highlighted.

The required fields:

  • Section Label - generally used to help individuals locate the area the seats are in.
  • Row Label - these are letters to mark the horizontal row where the individual seat is found. Each Row must have a unique letter for that section. You are able to choose the directional order of Rows.
  • Seat Label - these are numbers to mark the specific seat within the row. The number must be unique to that row. You are able to choose the directional order of seats.



The seating system will give you hints on your progress. Any incomplete requirements will appear in red. Make sure your overview has no errors before completing the chart.