[1/3] Seats and Seating Charts

[Step 1/3]

 By setting up a seating chart you can then use this map inside one of your events that you create.

1. Accessing and Enabling Seating

  • Click your name in the top right
  • Select My Account
  • Click on Venues on the left side
  • Click on Enable seating events
  • Finally choose Register venue
  • Select Seating


2. Setting up the Name and Address

Enter the Name and Address for the venue, and scroll down the page to the next step


3. With or without Sections

Select which option you want. (In most cases, you will only need "Rows without sections.") Generally, "Seating plans with sections" are for venues with over 300 seats (e.g. a football stadium or a venue with multiple floors).

For a detailed guide on Sections, see here


Note: Now you are inside the seating creator, you will have the option for a tour.  On the left hand side are the collection of different tools you can use, and the right side is editing the selected areas.


4. Backgrounds/Images/References (Optional)


These are optional steps to upload images either assisting you with building the chart or help visualise the venue for ticket buyers.. This is found on the right-hand side.

  • Reference chart is purely for your own use. It will not be visible to the ticket buyer.
  • Background images will be shown to the ticket buyer. It's a good way to familiarise ticket buyers with your location.
  • Additionally, on the left-hand side is the picture tool. It allows you to upload images to e.g. visualise a staircase.




5. Drawing the seats

For example, to make a simple 4x4 section, select the "Row Tool," click once, and move your mouse in the direction you wish the seats to appear. Click again to confirm. See below for an example of both a single row and multiple rows.



6. Labels, Rows, Seats

Make sure that your seats are labelled with both Seat Labels and Row Labels.

  • Each seat must unique within that row. (fx: 1,2,3,4)
  • Each row label must be unique to that section/chart (fx: Row A, Row B)

These configurations are found on the right hand side after choosing the select tool and clicking on selection of seats.

For more information on Labels see this page

7. Categories

The "Categories " setting is used to divide the seats into different price ranges or types of tickets. All seats must be assigned one category.

For more information on Categories see this page

8. Saving

Your chart is automatically saved throughout the process. But to confirm the changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button on the left side. The venue is now saved in your account and can be connected to any new event.

Note: When you try and exit the chart with unlabelled rows, seats, duplicate labels, or no categories, you will receive an error. You will not be able to link the venue until this error is fixed. Remember to assign ticket types to Categories after creating the chart. Visit the Categories page for more information