Target Groups

Target Groups are a system to work along side Campaigns and/or Seated Reservation system.

This allows you to upload CSV files onto Billetto to be processed in one for many different purposes like:

  1. Loyalty Discounts for previous attendees
  2. Large quantity of Access/Discount Codes
  3. Discount for specific users
  4. Unlocking seats per code/email
  5. Barcodes for previous events being used as an unlock code

In future iterations of Target Groups this system will automatically generate groups from previous events to streamline the system.

One option for Target groups are to create a loyalty discount for previous attendees, see more here

Important: when uploading an e-mail address, please make sure you have received consent to use their email for marketing/discount purposes. 

Creating the Target Groups

  • Open spreadsheet software.
  • Create the Columns for your desired fields (Code,Email,Category,Seat,Quantity) to a new sheet
  • Enter the desired fields into each column
  • Save this file as a CSV. The seperators should be commas.


Adding the Target Group to Billetto

Once you've finished the previous process you will need to upload this to Billetto:

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the Top right
  • Click "My Account"
  • On the left hand side choose Venue then Target Groups then Add Static Group
  • Choose a name for the target group. Remember to keep this unique and easily identifiable.
  • Click on Browse and select your newly created CSV file in the popup window.
  • Click Ignore Header Rows (as this will ignore Barcode/Email/Quantity from the spreadsheet)
  • Next in the drop down's of each row, you will need to align Barcode to Code, Email to Email and Quantity to Quantity
  • Click Save

Your previous attendees are now in a target group on Biletto. You will then receive an email stating whether or not the upload was successful.

Note: If you have any issues with the upload, we recommend checking:

  • that you are using the correct separator in the CSV
  • that the file does not contain any none English characters
  • If you are unable to resolve this get in touch with support


Examples of access code Target Group:

Code Quantity
testing1 1


Barcode Quantity Category
1231245 1 Section2
1231246 1 Section3


Email quantity Seat Label 1 North-1
Mail@Company.Net 1 South-3