Ticket Buyer Loyalty Rewards/Discounts with Target Groups

Please Note: this feature is only available for Custom and Advanced

You can use our Campaigns and Target group system to create loytaly rewards/discounts for previously attended events for ticket buyers.

Below is the process, however please feel free to get in contact with Support during this process

Creating the Target Groups

First you will need to download the guestlist from previous events:

  • Visit My Events in the top right of the screen
  • Click Manage on the event you wish to view (You may need to change the Filter from Future Events to Completed, if the event has finished)
  • On the left hand side Choose Attendees then Manage Tickets
  • On the right hand side is Export Tickets
  • Enter the email address you wish to receive the list on and Request

Once you have received the email you will need turn it into a target group CSV File:

  • Open the attached file in spreadsheet software.
  • Copy the Columns Barcode and Email to a new sheet
  • Add a new column called "quantity". (This will allow you to create a maximum amount of tickets that can be purchased with this code/email. We generally recommend entering 1 for each.)
  • Save this file as a CSV. The seperators should be commas.


Adding the Target Group to Billetto

Once you've finished the previous process you will need to upload this to Billetto:

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the Top right
  • Click "My Account"
  • On the left hand side choose Venue then Target Groups then Add Static Group
  • Choose a name for the target group. Remember to keep this unique and easily identifiable.
  • Click on Browse and select your newly created CSV file in the popup window.
  • Click Ignore Header Rows (as this will ignore Barcode/Email/Quantity from the spreadsheet)
  • Next in the drop down's of each row, you will need to align Barcode to Code, Email to Email and Quantity to Quantity
  • Click Save

Your previous attendees are now in a target group on Biletto. You will then receive an email stating whether or not the upload was successful.

Note: If you have any issues with the upload, we recommend checking:

  • that you are using the correct separator in the CSV
  • that the file does not contain any none English characters
  • If you are unable to resolve this get in touch with support



Creating a campaign with the Target Group


  • Visit the event you wish to access, My Events
  • Click on Manage on the specific event
  • On the left hand side choose Promotions & Offers then Campaigns
  • Create new campaign
  • Choose a name for it
  • In conditions choose "Target Group"
  • Select the target group you just uploaded
  • In the "Select" dropdown choose between:
  1. Access Code - This will unlock the target group discount if the user enters their previous barcode
  2. Email - This will unlock the target group if the user is logged in with a customer email address when they visit purchase flow
  3. Any (This will unlock the target group on both logged in user or entry of previous code)
    Once selected, click next
  • Next in the Effect, Choose the discount you desire (For more information see here)
  • Make sure to confirm any additional settings such as Max Orders, Tickets and Tickets in Order.
  • Confirm and start the campaign.
  • Users will now be able to unlock the discounts one the criteria you have created above.