Paypal on Billetto

PayPal on Billetto


Please Note: Week 29 (July 15th - We have disabled Paypal due to some issues and are in discussions with Paypal to resolve this ASAP. We apologise for the inconvenience)

We are offering PayPal as a standard payment method on Billetto. (Currently being tested on all Billetto Domains except Nordics)


This is automatically enabled for all events on the platform, so we ensure that all your ticket buyers have a free choice between their preferred payment options.


PayPal comes with a cost (3.4% + 0.20 cents/pence of the transaction), which we are not allowed to charge the ticket buyers ( EUR-Lex). We will therefore deduct this cost from your event revenue prior to handling your event payout. We will show the cost for using the service in the sales overview of your event.


As an organiser you can turn this off at any time for a single event or all events.

To deactivate Paypal on all your events:


  • Go to “My Account”
  • Click on “Payments” in the menu on the left side and find “Payment processing”
  • Select “No” under PayPal settings and click the “Update”-button

To deactivate PayPal on a single event

  • Find “My events” in the top bar and find the event in the overview
  • Click “manage event”
  • Find “Customization and design” in the menu on the left and select “Payment methods”
  • Select “No” under PayPal settings and click the “Update”-button