The new Billetto is here.

Below you’ll find a list of all of the recent updates to the platform.

May 2019

Design changes


  • My events
    You now have a better overview of your events on Billetto. We’ve changed the layout, the filter options and left the same functionality so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Manage events
    The settings under “Manage” have been rearranged and we’ve updated a whole lot of features (you can learn about them below). You can also now collapse the main menu in order to view larger information tables and data for your event.
  • My tickets
    Your ticket buyers will also find a new view when they log in to view “My Tickets”. Previous functionality has been improved allowing your guests to still download tickets, change their information or contact you.
  • My profile
    We’ve cleaned up “My Profile” navigation and added new features (explained below). You can now easily find and change your account settings.
  • Billetto front page
    The Billetto front page has a whole new look. We now offer a large head banner on top of the page for the promoted events. The frontpage is now darker keeping the focus and emphasis on the event. The Search bar has now been moved to the header: allowing guests to find your events no matter what page their on



  • Ticket buyer receipt
    Your ticket buyers have also sent us some feedback on how we could improve their experience. There’s a few more features added that address their wishes and we’ve also updated the receipt to show some more information about our company and yours. There’s also additional information available on the order confirmation email, so it’s even easier for the ticket buyers to get in touch with support and the event organiser.

  • Event picture library
    The new front page of Billetto offers a fully-visual experience for the ticket buyers. A great event image can help your event to stand out from all of the others on the platform. If you don’t have an event image we’ve built this new feature just for you: just pick a beautiful free stock image from Unsplash directly from the event creator.



  • Recurring events
    If you have an event that repeats over time, it’s easy to create a recurring event directly from the Billetto event creator. Just set up the start and end date  and the number of times the event will repeat.

  • Seated events
    If you have an event that requires seating or space allocation it’s easy to set up a plan and allocate the tickets. Currently this feature is available on request - just get in touch with us here.

  • Pre-payments
    When you need to arrange some of your event proceeds to be paid out before your event starts - just get in touch with us. The pre-payments are subject to approval.

  • Waiting list
    There’s now a “Waiting list” feature for the highly-demand events. If you decide to release more tickets to an event that’s sold out, you can simply email your ticket buyers that have signed up on the list.

  • Weekly & monthly transaction reports
    In addition to daily sales reports we have also added an option to receive them on weekly and monthly basis. Simply pick the frequency and choose a recipient.

  • Account-wide transaction reports
    You can also request the same reports for all of the event you manage. Just select the frequency and the recipient on the account-level.

  • Sales queue
    If you predict that your event will have an instant high-demand, we can help you with managing the sales queue. This means that the ticket buyers will be able to join the digital queue in order to buy highly-coveted tickets. Feature available on request.

  • Organiser communication consent
    For your own ease and compliance with GDPR, your ticket buyers can now opt in to newsletter and communication consent in the purchase flow of your event

  • Headliners
    If you have any notable headliners, speakers or performers at your event this feature gives them the spotlight on your event page, displaying their name and picture.

  • Organiser T&Cs
    When you want to add special Terms & Conditions to your event, you can do so by requesting to enable this new feature. Please note that if you have to add a line or two, you can simply do this in the event description.

  • Campaigns
    For events with varying ticket prices, discounted rates or group purchases, “Campaigns” is a flexible system allowing for a custom setup. For example you can set up a 25% discount on an order if 4 tickets are purchased. This feature is available on request and will be launched for all this year, but you can also request an early access.

  • Optimised scanning
    We’ve updated our scanning feature in the Billetto app (on Android and iOS). Scanning tickets has gotten even faster.

  • Box Office
    The Box Office feature has also received a few technical updates. If you have seating enabled on your event, it’s now possible to pick certain seats on the the app .

  • Ticket holder name / Personal tickets
    You can now request the names of each individual ticket buyer within a single order. These names will show up on their individual tickets.

  • Automated refunds
    Refunds are now fully automated. This doesn’t change the way you request a refund from us, but we’ll have them processed faster.

  • Ticket banners
    Upload your sponsor logos, event information, a map. Whatever you’d like to add to your event tickets, you can now easily do so from the event management view.

  • Custom order confirmation text
    You can now add text to the order confirmation email that is delivered with tickets: communicate special information about the order, the venue or specific event requirements.

  • Text on purchase button
    You can also customise the way your attendees register for your event. The default Billetto event page button says “Buy tickets” but you can also change it to “Register”, “Donate” or “Get Season Pass”.


Additional payment methods


  • Paypal
    Paypal is now available in most of the European countries on Billetto. We’re working on adding it to UK as well.

  • Swish
    Swish is now available as a payment option in Sweden.

  • MobilePay
    MobilePay is now available as a payment option in Denmark.


Event management on your mobile device


  • Mobile layout
    You can now use most of the event management features on your mobile phone. An updated design means a better mobile experience: create event, check your sales data and update the information on the go.

  • iOS & Android apps
    Our Android & iPhone apps now come in a refreshed design, faster performance and more event management features.


Even more data



  • Sales Overview
    Your event’s Sales Overview does not only have an updated design, it also displays more information about the tickets, payment type and your event overall financials.

    Additionally, we have improved the account-wide overview for information and reports on all your events in one place.

  • Audience insights
    Audience insights are now easier to read. We'll continue to update this section over time with more insights.

  • Transaction reports
    Finally, we’ve added a whole roster of new reports to give you the most in-depth insight into your ticket sales.

    You can get the details and guides for every feature above in the Billetto Support site or by simply contacting the support.