Emailing ticket buyers

When creating events you may wish to contact previous or current ticket buyers about specific event details, future events or newsletter information

Please make sure that your requests are fully compliant with email standards, marketing regulations and GDPR. This is a paid feature which costs per email sent out. You will see the pricing on the page itself.


To find this option it is found on:

My Events on the top bar -> Manage of the event you want -> Marketing on the left hand side -> Emails


Once on the page you have some different options:


  • Send invitations to all your subscribers - This option gathers all the ticket buyers who have opted in to your newsletter/information requests across all your events.
  • Update ticket buyer for this event of any changes - This option will gather all opted in ticket buyers of the current event
  • Send invitations with custom audience - you can choose to send emails to individuals from different events.

Once you have chosen the option you want and click Email - you will be taken to the next step:

Here you will have the options to:

  • Confirm the Mail List is correct
  • You can change your reply to email by changing your public email address in Account Settings
  • Schedule the date and time you wish the email to be sent out on
  • Subject Line which the recipient will view
  • and finally the email content


Once all the details are filled out you can confirm by clicking "To payment" and proceed with the payment system.


Our system will automatically send out an email with a receipt for your payment order.


Please Note: Subscribers are individuals who have opted into marketing consents from this and previous events.