Connect Venue / Save Venue address

Note: This feature is not available if you're using a Free Billetto plan. Please upgrade to Basic or Advanced plans to avail of this feature.


Save time & connect a venue to your Billetto profile when you're organising multiple events at the same location. 

To add a new venue:

1. Start creating a new event
2. Scroll to the "Venue" section and click on "Connect a Venue". 
3. Click on "Register venue" button on the right side
4. You can now start typing the name of the venue or the address. 

You can also add a photo to illustrate the vibe at the venue. 

Advanced settings:

1. You can limit the default "Venue capacity" under the "Advanced settings tab"
2. If you have multiple events running at the venue at the same time, you can also limit the overall amount of tickets available for all events at the venue on the day by ticking the "Cross-event time-based capacity".