What happens when I cancel my event / What should I know before I cancel my event?

You can cancel the event if you click on "My events" and then click the rubbish bin icon on the event.

When you have clicked the rubbish bin icon on your event, a notification will be automatically sent out to the email addresses of all customers who purchased tickets for your event. You will have the option to add a message to this email, informing the customer of the reason for the cancelation or if future dates will be made available etc. 

By canceling your event you, the organiser, are giving Billetto the rights (but not the obligation) to refund all customers who have purchased tickets to your event. It remains your responsibility, as the event organiser, to inform customers of the refund policy and that your customers will be reimbursed.

In most cases, when you cancel your event, Billetto will automatically refund all attendees on your behalf.

Should your event account balance not cover the full refund amount for your event, then please contact us before canceling your event, as the standard refund procedure cannot be observed.

Note: refunds processed by Billetto on behalf of the organiser include only the price(s) of tickets and refunds may take up to 5 working days to appear in the recipients' accounts.