Come faccio a rinviare un biglietto ad uno dei miei ospiti?

If one (or more) of your guests has not received a ticket or has entered an incorrect email contact at the time of purchase, you can resend the ticket or forward it to a new email.

To do this:

  • Click on  My Events in the top section of the Billet homepage
  • Choose the event that interests you then click  Manage
  • Click on  Manage orders (in the section on the left) under the item Partecipanti
  • Find the order in question and click on it
  • You will have the possibility to choose among the items: Download PDF ,  Resend PDF  and  Submit PDF

You can Download PDF if you need a copy of the guest ticket.

Please postpone PDF  if your guest has entered the correct email address but has not received the ticket. 

Forward PDF if your guest has entered an incorrect email address.


Note: This feature has been updated since the article has been published. An updated version of the article is available in English. Just switch the language at the top-right of the page.