Come posso controllare i biglietti all’ingresso?

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There are a couple of ways to do this.


  • Manually. You can access and print the guest list automatically generated by Billetto, and then verify by name, or email address, or ticket ID the tickets presented at the entrance to your event. To access the guest list you will need to log in from your Billetto account. In the upper left panel you will find the " My events" section , in which you will find your event. From here just press " manage " on the event you want. In the list of options that will appear on your left, choose "Scarica la lista partecipanti". Here you will have the possibility to choose in which format to display the list. You just have to print!


  • You can scan tickets at the entrance using the Billetto app (it's free), available for IOS systems (i-phone, ipod, ipad to be clear). Download the app and you will be able to manage the inputs at the best. IF you want another person to scan for you, then you will need to provide an "organizer code" generated by Billetto. This will allow the person in charge of using the app through their personal account, but will be "synchronized" with your event (clearly without giving access to sensitive information). To generate the " organizer code" , log in to your Billetto account, find your event in the " My events" sectionin the upper left panel. Click on "Event Management" and you will see a blue "Generate" button appear. By clicking on it, the organizer code will appear. You press again on the blue button, a new code will be generated, in fact making the previous one obsolete.