22.01.2019 - New Year = Fresh Start. We’ve improved our event management features.

We've done some winter cleaning in the “Manage” section of your events.

We’ve moved or merged old features, added some new ones, and made a few visual changes. The features are now arranged in a more intuitive way. You can more naturally review settings and options in the process of creating your event.

Here’s the breakdown of the changes:


Sales - renamed (previously “Sales Overview”).
Guest list & Reports - “Guest list” has been moved from the “Attendees” section and combined with “Daily Reports.”

Customisation & Design - New section to help you set up the event prior to launch

Tickets & Orders - Here you can customise your tickets with images or additional order confirmation text.
Booking questions - Previously found under in “Marketing”. Same feature with added functionality.
Event page - Here you can add Headliners (previously “Speakers”) and change the name of the ticket purchase button.


Share event - Here you will find a guide for sharing your event.
Analytics - Here you will find the settings for Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics.

Promotions & Offers - New section to help manage special discounts and secret ticket options

Access Codes - Previously found in “Marketing”
Campaigns - A new feature launching soon for creating promotions & offers.


Manage Tickets - Previously “Tickets” found in “Overview”. You can generate tickets from here, upload tickets, or export. There are a couple of ticket transfer options.

Manage Orders - Here you can view and edit orders for your event.

Waiting List - A new feature to toggle a waiting list when the event is sold out.

On site

Billetto app - Combining your “Organiser Key” and the “Billetto App” page.
Door Sales - Previously “Till Settings” found in “Attendees”.
Scanning settings - Previously found in “Attendees”.
Transfer scanning list - Here you will find the “Import Barcodes” and “Offline Scanner”.
Check-in status - Previously found in “Attendees”.

Update to the “Create event” step

Capacity (previously found in “Attendees”) is now found in the “Create event” step as "Total Capacity". You can access this step when you first create the event or when you “Edit” an existing one.