Make an online-only event

Make an online-only event

You can host an online-only event or webinar on Billetto. We’ve built a simple feature that allows your attendees to get access to your live stream or pre-recorded video after they have purchased a ticket for it.

How to create an online event?

  • Start creating a new event; 
    • Choose if it is a recurring or one-time event, then click Save;
    • In the venue type section choose Online event;
    • Enter all event information as always, until the Online event section;
    • In the online event section:
      • Add a description. This is where you can share the details on how to access your online event, share additional material, and more.
      • Embed video (optional). Billetto currently supports only YouTube and Vimeo video embedding.
      • Add video link;
  • Choose your publishing settings, and click Publish.

The ticket buyers will then receive an order confirmation email with directions on how to attend the online event.

In case you have any questions or doubts, please reach out to our customer support team at