Emailing ticket buyers / attendees outside of Billetto

Emailing ticket buyers / attendees outside of Billetto

Remember you can use Billetto's inhouse email system to contact your buyers/fans. See here:



When creating events you may wish to contact previous or current ticket buyers about specific event details, future events, or newsletter information.

Please make sure that your requests are fully compliant with email standards, marketing regulations, and GDPR. 

First, you will need to download the list of email addresses from your event:

  • Visit My Events;
  • Find your event and click Manage;
  • On the left-hand side click on Guestlist & Reports;
  • Select Email List.

Use this list to send out information about the event to the ticket buyers. 


NOTE: This email list should not be used for marketing purposes. If you wish to enroll ticket buyers into your newsletter marketing efforts, download the ''Newsletter sign-up'' report.