Campaigns - Discount, offers and promotion system

Note: this feature is not available on the Free or Basic Billetto price plan. Please upgrade to Advanced plan to use this feature.

Campaigns go beyond simple access codes and put you in the driver’s seat. You can set up rules to automatically unlock special tickets and give discounts based on certain conditions. These include the amount of tickets bought, purchase time, sales channel, codes and more.

Campaigns can be setup either on an event by event basis, or you can create a "Account" Campaign which allows you to enable a specific campaign for each event you want. For more information see here

We offer either full manual customisation or templates when creating Campaigns. If you are a new user to this feature we recommend trying out a Template first to see how the system functions.


Campaign Templates

Below is a list of the templates that we offer:

  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-03-28.pngEarly Bird - Drum up interest for your event with discounted Early Bird tickets
  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-03-43.png Group Discount - Set a quantity of tickets that will unlock a discount when purchased together
  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-03-48.pngFamily Discount - Set a combination of "Adult" & "Child" tickets that will unlock a discount when purchased together
  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-05-03.pngPromo Code - Create a special code that people can use to unlock discounts
  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-05-07.pngUnlock - Create a rule that will unlock hidden tickets (IE: 1 Ticket Type will unlock an addon purchase)
  • Screenshot_from_2019-11-07_11-05-11.png2 for 1 - Choose ticket types that will sell as 2-for-1 when purchased together

Campaign Template Guide

(For information on the Conditions, Effects and optional inputs see below)

  • Choose which template to start with and click the Select button on the right hand side
  • Name the Campaign (this will be visible to the ticket buyers when they make a purchase)
  • In the Conditions (Step 2), Review the requirements for the campaign to activate, click Next
  • In Effects (Step 3), Review what you wish the campaign to do (we have some default values, IE 30% Discount) but feel free to change this. Click Next
  • You will now see a "Campaign Ready" page, You can either choose to Start Campaign right now for ticket buyers, or click Back to save and enable at a later time

Manually Created Campaigns

If you're feeling adventurous or want to fully customise a campaign you do not need to use our templates but can create a campaign from scratch by clicking the blue Create Campaign button.


Campaign Conditions:

Below are the descriptions of different Conditions to activate it. For example I would like to have a discount based on 3 "Adult Tickets" being selected by a user, this would then use the "Ticket Type Quantity" option.

  • Time - Activating your campaign within a certain date/time frame, ie an Early Bird discount
  • Target group, if you have a large list of discount codes or ticket buyers that you wish to enable a campaign for, See more here
  • Total tickets quantity in the basket allows you to give a discount if a ticket buyer purchases a certain amount of tickets.
  • Ticket type quantity is an option if you wish to discount based on how many tickets of a specific type have been selected.
  • Sales channel your offer should be valid on; e.g. if you want to give a discount to all online transactions, rather than our Box Office option
  •  Generate unique code is an option allowing you to provide a code for Ticket buyers to enter to activate the campaign (an advanced version of Access Codes)

Campaign Effects

Once you have selected the condition above, you can then choose what effect will be applied:

  • Set Price per Ticket Type (Change the price of a ticket type when the condition is met)
  • Unlock Ticket Type (Show a hidden ticket type after the condition is met)
  • Set Percentage Discount (Set a value to give a discount on the full order, IE 50% off) Advanced Target Group Options
  • Assign target group member code as item identifier (The Code the Ticket Buyer enters will be come their barcode)
  • Set percentage discount for target group member (Similar to the Percentage discount but only for their user)

Optional Campaign Effects

  • Max tickets per Order allows you to limit per ticket buyer how many tickets can use this discount
  • Tickets available allows you to limit the total number of tickets that can unlock this campaign across all orders/ticket buyers
  • Max Orders similar to Tickets available, limits the total number of orders that can unlock this campaign across all ticket buyers (An order can be a collection of tickets purchased by one individual)



Saved Campaign Types 

You find the following types of campaigns in your overview:

  • Running: Active campaigns, which cannot be edited.
  • Drafts: Campaigns in draft mode are not yet active and you can therefore edit as you wish. If you wish to change the name of a drafted campaign, simply type in the new name and click Change (see screenshot below).
  • Paused: Paused are previously activated campaigns which have been put on pause by the organiser
  • Completed: Here you find an overview of all your completed campaigns. You can delete these if you don’t want to have them shown anymore. Completed campaigns cannot be started again.
  • Account: Campaigns created on account level. You can start and stop these campaigns on event level as you wish, but the campaigns cannot be edited.