When postponing an event Billetto will continue to hold on to any ticket revenue until event completion. Both Billetto and you will be required to process refund requests from ticket buyers, but we will not cancel the event and refund everyone automatically. 

By postponing the event, you're changing the nature of the product purchased by the ticket buyer, which allows them to request a refund. To process these, see here.


How to Postpone

  • Click on "My events on the top Bar
  • Find the event you want and click on More then "Postpone" - Please note if you have a recurring event you will need to postpone each event individually
  • Choose the updated time/date or select "No date yet" if you do not have a rescheduled date.
  • Add a message which will be sent to the Ticket buyers, about why the postponement happened and any other potentially useful information and click Postpone - Please note that this email will not be sent to users you have manually generated tickets for


We recommend you also add information about the postponement in the event description for both potential buyers and existing users.

NOTE: If you have selected "No date yet" - when you have decided on a new time/date you can follow the same process to update the event and notify the ticket buyers. Editing an event normally will not send out a notification